Meet Our Founder

Arts, business and tech enthusiast, Plante Josue, grew up in a small village upcountry in suburbs of Kigali, in a community full of artisans, who make little or no money from their craft. His mother was a special inspiration and role model in crafting while growing up. He started off his first business when he was seven, founded A F L I M B A early 2018, recently acquired Bachelors of Arts | Logistics and operations Management in Southern New Hampshire University. His main responsibility is creative directing and top-level management.


Sales Manager

Alain Kamanda

Alain Kamanda is our technology enthusiast, passionate about helping people, creating opportunities as well as create business-changing content. As our Administration Associate, he is responsible for implementing inbound marketing strategies that help to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers and administering company policies.

Artisans Mentor

Fatiro Delice

Délice Fatiro is a young woman passionate about women empowerment and is always looking for an opportunity to contribute to this cause. Currently working at Resonate, her main responsibilities is delivering leadership training and systems management. Délice is a determined leader who is looking for an opportunity to help the community grow, and a chance of personal growth in the process.

Communication Associate

Ashimwe Ange

Ange Theonastine Ashimwe is an artist. Student at SNHU - The best English poet | The best Popular poet in Rwanda 2017. She focuses on sensual art, aiming to depict the complications of life through combination of poetry, painting, and designing. Her designing is just at the intersection of feelings and beauty.