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Peak Limbag

Just like a sneak peak, I help out with what you need in your day. Your purse,your work stuff, Very loose ; just a carrier of what you need.

I am made by a combination of contemporary fabrics with old-school African wax fabric(Kitenge) for a unique experience of every limbag. Peek Limbag has a peak shape where it is 12 inches width, 16 inches height,and inches 4.5 thickness.

Delivery in Kigali is free of charge. You can pay with Credit card, Mobile Money or Cash on Delivery
List price: 25,000 RWF
19,900 RWF
You save: 5,100 RWF (20%)
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A youth-led rural creative craft space for elevating the craftsmanship in rural communities and improving the livelihood of rural artisans starting from Rwanda and at the same time bring to life high-quality classy and fashionable contemporary accessories.