Who are we?

AFLIMBA is a rural creative craft space for elevating the craftsmanship in rural communities and improving the livelihood of rural artisans starting from Rwanda and at the same time bring to life high-quality classy and vibrant contemporary fashion products. At the moment we are producing different types and designs of bags, we call them Limbags as well as Sandals, we call them Limba Soles

Meet Our Founder


Arts, business and tech enthusiast, Plante Josue Niyomugenga, grew up in a small village upcountry in suburbs of Kigali, in a community full of artisans, who make little or no money from their craft. His mother was one of them. Majoring in business opened his eyes and early 2018 he founded A F L I M B A to elevate the rural craftsmanship and improve livelihood of rural artisans.

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